Original Ghost Drive Re-Boot

Since discontinuing the Ghost Drive (in an effort to create a single drive only version) I've been asked by just enough to make a few more. I'm on track to start building these new pedals in March and be ready to ship by the first week of April. If you're interested let me know via email and I'll contact you as soon as I have a definitive shipping date and give you a chance to order.

These will include the improvements made with the last run of custom colors as well as a couple of nice surprises!

News for July 2014

And it's Summertime...

After a great Spring tour as guitar tech for Casting Crowns with For King and Country and Laura Story I've been back in full swing with JHV3. Most of my time is spent modding Line 6 pedals and coding for the Master Tap Pro™ and MTPro™ Ultimate.

If you have an M series pedal or Line 6 DL4, MM4, FM4 and need it repaired or modified just let me know. If you don't get a reply within a few days feel free to copy, paste and send again. 

I'll be leaving to tech again starting in September through the beginning of December but will still schedule regular mod work.

About Custom Work

I apologize in advance for my lack of attention to your questions and inquiries about custom work including loopers and tempo sync tools. Between modification work and coding there's been little room this summer for much else. When the MTPro circuit is finished I'll be offering these for more applications through the website.

Line 6 Modification Prices will increase August 1st, 2014

For many good reasons I've decided it imperative to increase the cost of mod work for Line 6 pedals. Before now pricing has been competitive with other companies offering similar services which could create the perception of like quality and service. There's a remarkable difference between the care and quality of JHV3 mods vs. what you'll find elsewhere. 

Your trust is extremely valuable to me and it's my goal to honor and build upon it. All of my work is guaranteed and for the simple cost of return shipping I'll make good on my promise for the best quality you can find. I thoroughly enjoy interacting with my clients (99% of them anyway) and I've grown to know and consider some to be great friends, sometimes family. I work as if everything will be depended upon in a mission critical application, where flaws and hasty work are deal killers, as if I'm guarding the reputation of my friends and family as much as my own. They deserve the best (regardless of the cost) and I'll do what I can to ensure they get it. This doesn't always mean they get it fast... but the best none the less!

New Mods

- Audio Upgrade and repairs for Line 6 Pro series rack mount effects including Echo Pro, Filter Pro, Mod Pro.

- Audio Upgrade and repairs for POD HD500X, and audio upgrade as well as switch replacement for older POD HD500, HD400, HD300. Because of the complexity of the audio routing and processing in these pedals there there will be several options offered. Only pay for what you need. 

(Updated)Scaling back orders through May 2014

For the next three months I need to limit what I can offer through JHV3. I've allowed my commitments to back-up and haven't been able to turn around modification/repair work in a reasonable amount of time.  My attention has been unfairly divided in working to follow through with existing commitments, outstanding orders and new opportunity. My time in the shop will be limited to 3 days each week. Those of you waiting for the last MTPro's and custom work I can't say thank you enough for waiting so long and so patiently and I apologize openly that you've had to wait at all.

Here's how I plan to adjust:

Line 6 Pedals
The plan is to continue to take on modification and repair work for Line 6 M series and Stomp-box (DL4, MM4, FM4) style pedals only. If you need this type of work, let's coordinate the timing so that I can mod and return your pedal while I'm home each week. 

The Ghost Drive
(Update: The remaining pedals have been sold) Currently I do not plan to offer the Ghost Drive again this year, but do have a new single drive version on the development list.

MTPro™ (Master Tap Pro™)
Each new version of these will be released as soon as they're ready. Post your questions about them here so that I can answer for all to see. Once a release schedule is certain I'll be taking pre-orders to help expedite the production. Otherwise, I will continue to ship those purchased since November 2013 as I complete the programing of their unique feature set.

Rush Service:
I unable to offer rush service until the middle of May 2014. Until then, you'll need to plan to be without your pedal for at least 12 days or as long as 4 weeks. Again, if you need Line 6 mod work scheduling is key. 

Other Modifications, Repairs and Custom Builds
I must pause accepting this type of work until the end of May. Custom work can require 2 - 10x the time required to complete compared to standard offerings. This leaves little margin for profit on my end and unfeasible expense based on your perception of value. 

If you have Questions...
With the risk of quickly losing relevancy in our small world of boutique pedal building, I can't promise to answer all incoming mail. But, please feel free to write anyway! If you have a question please look at the FAQ first before you write. Anything else I would say past this point would sound like I'm punishing or belittling those that have legitimate concerns and deadlines or are needing a unique project completed with cash in hand. I have great affection for and continue a relationship many of those that I've worked with in the psat. If their reputation is on the line by getting you to contact me I want to honor their word and faith in JHV3 and will do what I can to help.

Thank you for your understanding, patience, business and trust!

The Master Tap Pro™


Currently, the MTPro™ circuit is the most accurate way to sync any two or more tempo based devices to the same foot tap or trigger source. I'm currently developing an expanded version (codenamed "Ultimate") that creates, stores and sources trigger signals (MIDI, "click", switch make/break, and control voltage) on the fly or via presets. I'm writing algorithms that will narrow the margin of error between each pedal connected to reduce the fact that pedals will never be EXACTLY in sync. The typical musician is frustrated with apparent differences in milliseconds, these new functions will handle discrepancies with a resolution in nano-seconds that will make these errors imperceptible to the human ear by managing divergence as long as the circuit is active.

In the process of designing the MTPro™ Ultimate with presets, I've stopped taking orders for the simple versions, which are fundamentally extremely smart "mutli-taps" that send exactly what every pedal/device needs with one switch. (This will work with any tempo based device in the world that will accept user input via an existing feature or modification. Of course, It does not interface directly with your drummer. However it will interface with a shock collar or other electrode system increasing the applied current output and duration of shock in direct correlation to how far they drift from the preset BPM.)

Using the tech developed for the "Ultimate" I've redesigned the simple incorporating the compatibility features as well as user programmability for output settings and MIDI messages. As soon as the code and board revision is complete I'll begin to offer them as well.

I am passionate about making this device the most powerful, accurate and trusted tool ever to synchronize gear that would otherwise be un-sync-able, in order to equip you the musician/performer/director/producer to make amazing music for the rest of us. Think of all the great music we've yet to hear! 


Check back at JHV3.com every now and then to track status.