Line 6 DL4/MM4/FM4

Hey man! 
I got the pedal in today and I am so stoked about how much more recognizable the delay is in the chain. Everything sounds awesome and the LEDs look pretty sweet as well.
Thanks a ton man!

Audio Upgrade $85.00

Remote Tap Input $20.00 (each)

Switch Upgrade $50

Expression Switch $40


Audio Upgrade $85.00

Greatly improves the analog signal path from input to output by replacing average components with quiet, higher quality, tighter tolerance capacitors, resistors, and op-amps. Additional filtering of stray RF (often appears as noise) is included to tame increased fidelity, and the perceived volume drop often associated with this series of modelers is no longer an issue due to the improved signal path.

In addition the Audio Upgrade also includes: Reinforced power filtering with more robust and reliable parts, new capacitors in the user interface circuit that increase the accuracy and reliability of controls, potentiometers are tested and replaced if necessary, circuit board is cleaned and any metal shavings/dust from the stock switches is carefully removed.

The LEDs are also replaced with new brighter pieces that have a wider viewing angle making it much easier to see even from a distance.

If you typically place your DL4 last in the signal chain before your amp, after an Audio Upgrade you can confidently leave the unit in “spill-over” mode because the improved circuit will drive a pristine signal all the way back to your amp without tone loss (or a rolling off of the highs due to cable capacitance etc.) which also helps you to benefit from delay trails or lingering effects.

Remote Tap Input $20.00 (each)

A new 1/4” jack on the back of your unit that will allow the tap tempo feature of the DL4 to be activated remotely. This mod does not change the stock function of the onboard tap foot-switch. Any normally open momentary switch (including Boss FS-5U) can be utilized.

Switch Upgrade $50

Great design may have been a casualty to the “bottom line” leaving the pro player stuck with a dead DL4. Replaces all 4 stock surface-mount switches and actuators with smooth action robust self-contained momentary switches for years of professional use.If you often need to input tempo with the stock switch it will fail sooner or later depending on your angle of attack.

What's happening to the stock switches in the first place?

As vague as it sounds, I’ve found that a failing actuator for surface mounted tactile switches on DL4 modelers typically follow the following progression:

1. Unit works fine.

2. After several months of pro-use (gigging 2-3 times a week with rehearsals) they’ll initially seem a bit stiff every now and then

3. The time it takes the pedal to recognize your input will begin to seem “off” (especially on the tap switch) as the switch travel becomes “rough”

4. It becomes increasingly difficult to lock in a desired BPM as the duration of a useable tempo’s interval decreases before it’s necessary to re-tap. By now the switch grinds aggressively when pressed. (also see “Top Reasons DL4 Modelers Eventually Fail” below for what else is happening inside in this stage)

5. At this point you may begin to notice the preset lights blink (reporting that preset’s settings have been changed) without you changing the knobs or expression pedal.

6. Next, the switch may completely lock up, but will work again after forcefully striking it with your foot, beverage bottle, drum stick, or least favorite pedal (none of which are recommended)

7. After the previous resourceful attempts to free the switch has dislodged the tiny plastic cylinder delicately housed inside the resistance spring that inadvertently has lost the capacity to return the plunger to its starting position, the switch no longer functions at all.

8. Influenced by the previous experience that “this used to fix it”, too much force is applied to the switch hastening its total destruction.

9. You pray that some poor sucker on E-Bay will never notice the difference, or you rant on a gear forum until you feel better.

Bottom Line: Life is short, don't let a bean counter keep you from enjoying your favorite pedals.

Expression Switch $40

Simulate an expression pedal in “heel down” or “toe down” positions. You may already be familiar with this feature of Line 6 Modelers enables two different settings (same delay model but different tweak, tweeze, time, feedback, and mix) per preset enabling you to morph between settings with the expression pedal. By following the related instructions found on page 5 of the Line6

“Stompbox Pilot’s Handbook”

you can set up these two unique combinations per preset then have instant access to both with this new switch.

The switch is installed on the top deck to the right center of the logo badge by default, and an indicator LED is mounted either in the “6” of Line6 (old script and new block styles) or in a chrome bezel the left of center (see pictures).

(Custom Options: If you’d like your switch mounted in a different location email me with your idea and we’ll explore the possibilities; The “Expression Switch” feature can be accomplish with a small external switch and indicator LED)

When using an external expression pedal, the mod is bypassed and the factory expression feature functions as normal.

Below is an example of a custom switch application. Can you tell what’s different?