The Master Tap Pro™


Currently, the MTPro™ circuit is the most accurate way to sync any two or more tempo based devices to the same foot tap or trigger source. I'm currently developing an expanded version (codenamed "Ultimate") that creates, stores and sources trigger signals (MIDI, "click", switch make/break, and control voltage) on the fly or via presets. I'm writing algorithms that will narrow the margin of error between each pedal connected to reduce the fact that pedals will never be EXACTLY in sync. The typical musician is frustrated with apparent differences in milliseconds, these new functions will handle discrepancies with a resolution in nano-seconds that will make these errors imperceptible to the human ear by managing divergence as long as the circuit is active.

In the process of designing the MTPro™ Ultimate with presets, I've stopped taking orders for the simple versions, which are fundamentally extremely smart "mutli-taps" that send exactly what every pedal/device needs with one switch. (This will work with any tempo based device in the world that will accept user input via an existing feature or modification. Of course, It does not interface directly with your drummer. However it will interface with a shock collar or other electrode system increasing the applied current output and duration of shock in direct correlation to how far they drift from the preset BPM.)

Using the tech developed for the "Ultimate" I've redesigned the simple incorporating the compatibility features as well as user programmability for output settings and MIDI messages. As soon as the code and board revision is complete I'll begin to offer them as well.

I am passionate about making this device the most powerful, accurate and trusted tool ever to synchronize gear that would otherwise be un-sync-able, in order to equip you the musician/performer/director/producer to make amazing music for the rest of us. Think of all the great music we've yet to hear! 


Check back at every now and then to track status.