(Updated)Scaling back orders through May 2014

For the next three months I need to limit what I can offer through JHV3. I've allowed my commitments to back-up and haven't been able to turn around modification/repair work in a reasonable amount of time.  My attention has been unfairly divided in working to follow through with existing commitments, outstanding orders and new opportunity. My time in the shop will be limited to 3 days each week. Those of you waiting for the last MTPro's and custom work I can't say thank you enough for waiting so long and so patiently and I apologize openly that you've had to wait at all.

Here's how I plan to adjust:

Line 6 Pedals
The plan is to continue to take on modification and repair work for Line 6 M series and Stomp-box (DL4, MM4, FM4) style pedals only. If you need this type of work, let's coordinate the timing so that I can mod and return your pedal while I'm home each week. 

The Ghost Drive
(Update: The remaining pedals have been sold) Currently I do not plan to offer the Ghost Drive again this year, but do have a new single drive version on the development list.

MTPro™ (Master Tap Pro™)
Each new version of these will be released as soon as they're ready. Post your questions about them here so that I can answer for all to see. Once a release schedule is certain I'll be taking pre-orders to help expedite the production. Otherwise, I will continue to ship those purchased since November 2013 as I complete the programing of their unique feature set.

Rush Service:
I unable to offer rush service until the middle of May 2014. Until then, you'll need to plan to be without your pedal for at least 12 days or as long as 4 weeks. Again, if you need Line 6 mod work scheduling is key. 

Other Modifications, Repairs and Custom Builds
I must pause accepting this type of work until the end of May. Custom work can require 2 - 10x the time required to complete compared to standard offerings. This leaves little margin for profit on my end and unfeasible expense based on your perception of value. 

If you have Questions...
With the risk of quickly losing relevancy in our small world of boutique pedal building, I can't promise to answer all incoming mail. But, please feel free to write anyway! If you have a question please look at the FAQ first before you write. Anything else I would say past this point would sound like I'm punishing or belittling those that have legitimate concerns and deadlines or are needing a unique project completed with cash in hand. I have great affection for and continue a relationship many of those that I've worked with in the psat. If their reputation is on the line by getting you to contact me I want to honor their word and faith in JHV3 and will do what I can to help.

Thank you for your understanding, patience, business and trust!