The M9 has spent some time with me and sounds absolutely fantastic!! Thank you so so much for everything. What a journey we've been on with this little monster. Your customer service is beyond explanation, Jack. Impeccable. And you can use that on your website.
All the best to you, Jack. Thank you so very much!!!
Frank Cifarelli

Thanks for your awesome work! This M13 sounds incredible! The big thing for me is the pitch shifting patches track so much better. Can't wait to get my M9 done! Thanks again,

I must say that I am more than pleased with the Mod’s.  The whole overdrive, distortion sounds were pretty much unusable to my ear prior to the mod.  Based on YouTube and reviews (and my experience with mods to DL stuff), I knew the time-based stuff would improve but I don’t know what you did to the other stuff but it all just sounds SO MUCH better.  So much so that I’m likely going to get a second one or an M13 and have you mod it!!Thanks, again!!