Preset2TapOut Mod: $60

TC Electronic Nova Delay (ND-1, and iB Modified), Nova Modulator (NM-1) 

  • New Tap tempo input jack for remote tap and selectable re-assignment of the onboard tap to a dedicated preset scroll (or any other function, up to two via stereo cable) or stock tap tempo input.
  • Toggle switch enables the flexibility of returning the tap switch to its original assignment
  • Works with your existing momentary foot-switch, or purchase a Master Tap
  • Alternate switch routing available. Example: if using a Nova in a bypass looper, reroute the preset button with the On/Off switch. The toggle on the back would be changed to handle On/Off or return to stock mode.
  • Please take note: this basic mod does not include a separate box with switches or a TRS cable, or automatically include access to the preset scroll via the “ring” of the new jack. A plain finish or textured black external switch set with a passive tap tempo and preset scroll (along with the relevant modification to the Nova) is available for $35, and painted for an additional $10.

Original Pulse, Ping, Autotap Mod $177

For Nova Delay (ND-1 original and new iB Modified) Auto tempo send with Master Tap Link

  • Leverage the internal memory of the Nova Delay to automatically sync the tempo of all other tap tempo pedals on you board.
  • By isolationg, capturing, conditioning and transmitting tempo from the ND-1’s microcontroller to a modified Master Tap Pro that distributes tempo pulses to other devices in their relative format.
  • Modified MTPro allows you to activate or deactiate auto pulses as well as manually input tempo into all connected devices (including the ND=1).
  • Acurate up to 999BPM
  • Includes the Preset2TapOut Mod

Note: This same modification can be made to many other delays with presets including:

  • Boss DD-20

Below is an example of a custom application of the Pulse and Master Tap Pro circuits:


Nova Series Options:

The Nova pedals are very robust and great sounding and take modifications well. Most any function accessible to the top can be remotely accessed. If you have a new idea or a unique combination you’d like to explore just ask!